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Woof!  What's barking?

Got nothing to do?  Check out some dog worthy topics here and talk about them afterwards with your dog, since he can't read.  By our team of writers: Drewbles (Dog Behaviorist, KPA-DTF course certified), Tibo (Tree Hugger) and Robin (Health Fanatic).
Hunger is the best sauce
My dog isn't motivated by treats :(  The solution is simple...starve him!
Bored of toy story
I buy a lot of toys for my dog but he doesn't play.
Crouching toy, hidden danger
More studies are finding harmful substances in toys for pets.
Wee it and weep
We use an estimated 3 million wee wee pads a year.  That's a lot of rubbish in our landfills.
Cesar Millan: Dog abuser or dog whisperer?
There's a lot of heated debate about whether his and other traditional training methods are cruel.  
Digging deep into rawhide
Rawhide gets a pretty bad rep these days.  Is it deserved?
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